Wazzup Pilipinas: They’ve Got Your Extra Space At LOC&STOR 24/7 SELF STORAGE

By Wazzup Pilipinas, 26 April 2017 

It’s because I can’t find myself throwing away stuff even though I have more of the same in my possession. I just believe that I will soon find something useful for everything so I keep them, either boxed or on display, until I would suddenly realize I’m sacrificing a more pleasing appearance with all the clutter, and no more room to move freely around. My room is all cluttered up with boxes and all sorts of knick knacks like tokens that came from the lootbags or complimentary gifts given away, or as prizes raffled off at events. It also includes my other stuff that I collected throughout my childhood days like comic books and pop culture magazines, old gadgets like smartphones and watches, my audio and movie CD and DVD collection plus a lot more weird but wonderful items that I found along the beaches, countryside and everywhere else I traveled to. For me, everything could be someday useful, so I store it in my room for future use. Also, I find everything to have a sentimental value too, especially the ones I collected from childhood. I don’t have the will enough to say goodbye to my personal stuff.

Now, you could imagine my room almost half-filled with these stuff that I could hardly breathe and don’t have enough space to make the room a lot more useful for me. My children have been teasing me as a box collector since I carefully organize all my stuff in boxes so they would be neatly categorized properly and stored safely away from dust or pests. Once you step inside my room, you’ll get a glimpse of these towering boxes all stacked up and almost touching the ceiling.

The worst thing is that my storage space has already reached the other parts of the house. It’s definitely becoming a disastrous sight to behold. I may wake up one day with mountains of boxes filling up our home and extending all the way outside. Whew!

This is why I wanted so much to win a storage space at a recent event that I attended where every attendee got to see the huge area filled up with storage space of different sizes. I’m sure there would be a space fitting enough to put all my stuff, and I could always upgrade or get additional space if ever my “collection” grows. The best thing about Loc&Stor 24/7 Self Storage is that it’s 24/7 under security watch via CCTV, and maintained regularly to assure their clients that their cherished items will be well taken care of.

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