Pehpot Pineda: Self Storage Manila: Exploring LOC&STOR 24/7

By: Pehpot Pineda, 27 April 2017

A world-class storage and warehouse facility in the country which accommodates all your storage needs. From a small locker room to a unit as big as your bedroom. The location is very accessible and is near resident area and office areas. It is located in c5, almost in front of PLDT.

Back to the locker, malaki pala sya! Trust me, I saw it, I feel it. They say it can fit up to 8 Balikbayan boxes and it looks like it can. The rate? It’s 1925 Pesos and 2198 Pesos. What’s the difference? The cheaper one is housed on an area without aircon while the other on is housed on an area with controlled temp. The control temp room is also smaller compared to the regular room. But for 2000 Pesos, the room is big.

What are the advantages of storing at Lock&Stor 24/7? 

  1. Less clutter in your home. Imagine Christmas decors, which you only use once a year. Where do you put all those ornaments? And the 10 ft Christmas Tree?!? Or how about those bloody heads for the Halloween?
  2. Your documents are safe and secured. Your stuff is safe from flood (uy Ondoy!) and fire (each unit have its own sprinkler). Your stuff is secured because Loc&Stor 24/7 security system alerts the owner of the unit if there is a force entry and all floors and areas are equipped with CCTV.
  3. Lock&Stor 24/7 has its own unloading dock and an elevator near the dock. The dock and the parking area is covered too.
  4. Lock&Stor 24/7 also offers other storage solutions items such as racks and boxes.
  5. Lock&Stor 24/7 is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. You have access to your goods anytime.

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