Kylie Esmino: Check it out: LOC&STOR 24/7

By Kylie Esmino, 4 May 2017 

Whether it’s an extensive collection of angel figurines, a pile of important documents, boxes of photo albums or valuable antiques, there are some things you simply can’t get rid of—but what do you do if the space you have at home doesn’t agree that you keep them? Loc&Store 24/7 is the answer. 

Loc&Stor 24/7 is not a typical warehouse—it is a world-class self-storage service that is 101% safe. Aside from having 24-hour professional guards who help secure your belongings, you get to choose a unit with your own padlock and a unique PIN code that you’ll use to enter the facility. A welcome extra? You’ll get an e-mail notification every time your unit is opened. 

From 1.5sqm locker-types to 18sqm rooms, the units they are offering come in different sizes to be able to accommodate as much stuff as you need to store. These steel lockers can hold around eight Balikbayan boxes to half of a 40-foot sea container. 

With all these features, you might be thinking it costs a fortune to avail of their services. Lucky for us, Loc&Store 24/7 takes pride in having the most affordable and flexible storage rates in the country. You no longer have to worry about losing treasured memories, no more worries to your properties.

The best part? You have access to your unit anytime of the day or night with no extra cost. Yes, you read that right—you can bring or take out items from your storage unit any time and without limits. 

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