Noemi Lardizabal-Dado: I found Loc&Stor 24/7 Secure Self-Storage , the perfect solution for my storage needs.

By: Noemi Lardizabal-Dado, 5 May 2017

I am happy to discover Loc&Stor 24/7 Secure Self-Storage , the perfect solution for my storage needs. I have that peace of mind knowing my precious belongings are housed  in a secure facility  rather than your typical bodega/warehouse.  Let me share this storage solution that you might also be looking for.

I looked at my bodega located just under the stairs. Why , oh why have I accumulated so much stuff? I glanced at the five huge boxes of Christmas decors while dragging out five more boxes consisting of  clothes. The boxes spilled over to the room of my helpers which is a no-no to me because I want their rooms to look organized too.

The piles of stuff and clutter are stress triggers for me. My mind screamed “I need more space”.  Sure, I conducted  garage sales and got rid of a lot of clothes and other useless items but I was left with these boxes of sentimental stuff.

But my home got flooded by Ondoy .  Not only do I need extra space, I want a safe, secure self-storage place . For many years, I looked  at possible storage for rent in Manila, until a month ago, when my sister-in-law introduced me to her friend, Anna who owned  Loc&Stor 24/7  along with her husband, Sam Peterson.

My Loc&Stor 24/7 experience

My first impressions:  Wow as in WOW. It totally changed my view on self-storage space.

After the tour, I was convinced. This is it.  I went back the following week for the paperwork  of a one year rental of a medium  sized , climate controlled room.  Insurance premium of 50,000 pesos coverage is a separate price from the  rental rate. You can actually rent a unit for a minimum of one month, and  pay on a monthly basis if you are unsure of how long you would need the storage. This gives you control over your rental budget. The best thing about renting out for 12 months is you  get the last month free.  Another plus factor , is the flexibility to transfer  to a bigger or smaller unit .

Five boxes could only fit my car so what I am showing here is just the first batch.  There is a cart and an assistant to help me bring my boxes to my storage unit.

Up to five people can have their own personalized PIN code to access my unit.  I chose an RFID key so I can easily pass the card to my husband if he wants to pick up something. Their state of the art security monitoring system can track who goes in and out of my unit, so it is easy to keep tabs on who can access my things.  Their system also sends an email notification each time I open my unit.

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