Luigi Leonardo: LOC&STOR 24/7 Opens its doors to all your excess stuff

By: Luigi Leonardo, 5 May 2017 

Filipinos are hoarders by nature. When you see Christmas decorations already up in July, it’s not because Filipinos are naturally festive. It’s because they have no more space to store it in.

With the way housing markets are going, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to afford living conditions big enough to accommodate all the junk we accumulate throughout the years. Even small businesses are forced to downsize because they don’t have the space.

It’s mind-boggling that we haven’t thought about third-party self-storage solutions seriously until only recently. But finally, all these problems are over. Loc&Stor 24/7, the country’s burgeoning self-storage facility is now open for Filipinos with too much stuff.

Armed with two ready-for-use facilities and a third already on the way, Loc&Stor promises to simplify space issues for everyone. Its main facility is located along the Katipunan-bound side of C5 before Lanuza Avenue.

Interested customers can choose from small 1.5sqm lockers to jumbo 18.5sqm units. There are seven variations that customers can choose from. Depending one availability and preference, more than one unit can be rented and even customized according to taste. Climate-controlled units (temperatures controlled at 24-degrees Celsius and at 60 percent humidity) are also available for rental.

Each square meter can load up to 400kgs worth of goods. A locker can accommodate goods up to 4ft high while the storage units can accommodate goods up to 8.2ft high. Trolleys and stepladders are available for use any time.

Rental contracts can be as short as just one month to as long as 18 months with automatic renewal month-to-month afterwards.

Once rented, the units can be accessed at any time, even on holidays. The facilities boast of top-notch security which includes 24/7 surveillance, PIN access for renters, padlocked units, and logs whenever a unit is opened. A loading bay makes moving simple for even 40-foot container vans. There also ample parking space in front and around the building.


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