Mitzi Ilagan: 6 Reasons to use a Self-Storage Facility

By: Mitzi Ilagan, 10 May 2017

As years go by, we acquire more things that we realize that we have not much space left. Whether you’re at home or at the office, there will come a time that you could not handle the clutter anymore. That is why self-storage facilities are invented. As seen in movies, large cabinets are being rented where people store all sort of things such as furnitures, large boxes of clothes and toys, bulky equipment, and the like. The Philippines now has got Loc & Stor 24/7, a world-class storage facility which you could use to secure your possessions. Here are six reasons why you should take advantage of this facility:

1. For organizing and decluttering your home or office

It may have been months or years since you’ve had a general cleaning, and now you’ve realized how things have eaten up the space around you. With storage rooms as small as a locker and as large as half a shipping container, you could store the things that aren’t really being used.

2. For your collections or memorabilias

For women with a heap of seasonal clothing and accessories, and for men with their big boy toys, a storage facility would be best to use when you run out of space. There are climate-controlled units if your things need a special setting, and when it’s too valuable, you’re sure that it’s in a safe place because it is in a guarded compound with CCTV cameras around, individual alarm per unit, and you’d also provide your own lock so you’re sure that nobody else could access it.

3. For temporary storage during relocation or renovation
Now that it’s time to upsize your home or office, you need someplace to temporarily store your things in. It’ll be convenient to try Loc & Stor because even when you just need one month for renovation, a space will be available for you. The area is accessible because it’s located in Joe Borris Street along C5.

4. For relatives moving in or out of the house
A bungalow house may be just enough for 2 adults and a child, but as the family grows, the things add up, too. Transfer the things that you rarely use to a storage facility and get it anytime, when you need it. When in Loc & Stor, there’s no need to worry because the storage areas are secure and spacious for anything that you’d like to store.

5. For storing your holiday decors and sports equipment
Some families really take the holidays seriously that a spare room turns into a storage area at home. To provide your guests a room where they could stay in, move those holiday decors and  other occasional accessories to a storage facility like Loc & Stor. Also, if your bench press and treadmill couldn’t be squeezed into your room anymore, have it placed in a storage facility where you could get it back anytime as soon as you’ve figured out how it could fit inside your home.

6. For your business files and equipment
It’s always distracting to work inside a messy and disorganized working space. When you run out of cabinets or as you order new office chairs, store the old but reusable furniture and records away in a self-storage facility. Most facilities do offer long-term unit rentals to suit your needs.

For all these and more, there sure is a reason for you to try using a self-storage facility like Loc & Stor because that’s when you’ll realize how refreshing it is to see a decluttered and organized home or office, without the things that you do not use every day. You could always go back and get it, but with Loc & Stor, it’s safe and secure that a year or two would be a short stay for your things and belongings.

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