Anne Jambora: A Place You Can Rent To Store Your Stuff

By: Anne Jambora, 24 May 2017

Running out of space at home or in the office? Or planning to renovate, but don’t have enough room to store your belongings?

A world-class self-storage is finally here. Loc&Stor 24/7 Secure Self-Storage has that extra space you need, whether you need to move just eight balikbayan boxes (1.5-square meter locker) or the contents of a 20-foot container van (18-sq m unit).

“This business is about providing an extension for the home. We want people to walk in here and feel they can bring their best artwork, furniture or documents, and not worry about a thing,” says Sam Peterson, president of Loc&Stor 24/7.

Loc&Stor 24/7 offers a secure, convenient and professionally operated location to secure your belongings. It incorporates security measures to maximize protection. There are guards from a leading security agency that provide round-the-clock safety for their facilities, and it utilizes high-definition CCTV cameras with night vision to monitor and record all activities within and around the facilities.

The hallways are well-lit. Lighting and security systems are backed up by generator systems to protect against a security outage.

Loc&Stor 24/7 also employs the world’s No. 1 multilayered security system built specifically for the self-storage industry. A user-defined PIN is needed to access the facility. The PIN arms and disarms your unit’s alarm, and all access to your unit is electronically logged. An e-mail alert is sent to you each time your unit is opened.

It also provides an insurance plan custom-made to your needs.

“While 90 percent of the items stored here are precious only to its owners, we want to make sure we provide our clients with a secure facility,” says Peterson. “Everything you see here is on par with world standards.”

Guarded, gated

The facilities, located off C5 Road on 54 E. Rodriguez Jr., Pasig City, is situated within a guarded, gated compound that has been flood-free for decades. Smoke detectors and sprinkler systems are installed throughout the facility that is built according to strict fire and floor-loading codes.

There are regular floors, as well as climate-controlled areas where humidity is regulated, excellent for storing stuff that are sensitive to temperature and humidity, such as leather goods, antiques and paintings.

The facilities are equipped with loading and unloading docks that can accommodate up to a 40-ft container.

There’s plenty of parking space, says Peterson, and large elevators to transport items to the upper floors. It has heavy-duty trolleys and carts, and in case you need more, you can even purchase locks and packing materials from its retail shop.

Loc&Stor 24/7 can also refer you to professional packers and movers. It offers flexible monthly rental contracts, with a minimum of one month rental that can be extended, and allows you to upsize or downsize your unit at any time.

The facilities are professionally maintained, and regular cleaning and pest-deterrent measures are done each month.

The entire property has filtered, forced-air ventilation to ensure that fresh air circulates in all storage areas. Hallways are also fan-cooled.

“This is perfect for someone renovating. Most of the time, clients come in here to put in all their old furniture. After the renovation, they come back to retrieve them. But in three weeks they’ll be back bringing their old furniture because the wife thinks they should buy new ones to match the renovated home,” Peterson says, laughing.

About 70 percent of clients are residential and 30 percent are businesses, he notes.

The cheapest space, that which can accommodate eight balikbayan boxes, goes for a monthly rental fee of only P2,000. Each unit can carry a weight of up to 450 kg per sq m.

There are seven unit sizes to choose from.

Loc&Stor 24/7 is a member of the US and Asian Self Storage Association. Call 5702561 or 09165673004. Visit

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