What Makes Storing At LOC&STOR 24/7 Secure Self-Storage A Better Choice Than Storing In A Warehouse?

Loc&Stor 24/7 has given a new meaning to storage and warehousing…

In the past, when we think of storing our items, we would use the services of a warehousing company. We would call them, and the items would be picked up and stored in their warehouse which is usually unseen by most of its customers. Then, we’d just cross our fingers and hope that our items are stored carefully and properly. We would also assume an organized system, where our items are stored together to avoid misplaced pieces. If we wanted to retrieve any item, we would need to call the company and schedule a delivery date. This, of course, was for a fee.

Loc&Stor 24/7 Self-Storage makes storing your items a better experience all around. It is not only easy and more convenient to use, but you can be assured of a more secure facility than your typical warehouse. Here are the advantages of storing your items at Loc&Stor 24/7:

1) You get your own individual unit and use your own padlock

You have your own unit which no one else may access except yourself or anyone you authorize. Items are never put together or mixed with other customers’ items.

We have seven unit sizes to choose from. You can easily upsize or downsize your unit depending on your need.

2) Loc&Stor 24/7’s facility provides cutting-edge security.

Aside from its secure location within a compound, you are provided with your own unique PIN code to enter the facility, which also activates/deactivates the alarm of your unit. In addition, we provide 24-hour professional security guards, and email notification every time your unit is opened. And for added protection, unit owners may take out an insurance policy for their items.

We also provide the following safety features: an extensive sprinkler system, smoke detectors, CCTV with night vision and fire extinguishers that are installed throughout the facility.

3) You may access your items any time of the day for free.

With a unit in Loc&Stor, you will be able to access your items 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (yes, even during holidays), without prior notice, permission, or any additional fees.

4) Loc&Stor 24/7’s facility is clean and well maintained.

Loc&Stor’s facility is well lit and well ventilated with fans for your comfort when visiting your unit. Regular pest control, cleaning and maintenance is done in the facility to ensure that your items are protected, and to provide a comfortable and safe environment for customers.

5) Loc&Stor 24/7 provides climate-controlled units.

Damp surroundings may cause mold to form on your valuables. To avoid this, you may opt for a climate-controlled unit, which controls the growth of mold and mildew on items that need extra care like old books, clothes and shoes, leather goods and paintings.

With all these advantages, Loc&Stor 24/7 provides better service for your comfort and your item’s security as compared to a warehouse. Experience a world-class storage facility.

Visit or call any of our World-Class Self-Storage facilities in the Philippines NOW! Contact us thru our trunkline number at 7902 1898. You may also email us on [email protected]

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