LOC&STOR 24/7 SELF STORAGE: Now in Makati

Loc&Stor 24/7 is finally in Makati!  Since opening our flagship facility in Pasig in 2014, we have been asked frequently to open more branches, most specifically a branch in Makati.  We listened, and in August of 2017, Loc&Stor 24/7 Secure Self-storage opened its doors in Makati.

Loc&Stor 24/7 Makati is located in a flood-free secure stand-alone compound on Urban Ave. We are the first and only operator to bring a World-Class Self-Storage Facility® to Makati. Our new facility was built with the same customer-focus in mind, delivering on three key pillars: Ease and Convenience, Cutting-Edge Security, and Professional Service.

Ease and Convenience

From the moment you arrive at the conveniently located Makati facility you will feel the world-class difference. A private guarded compound with ample parking means you feel safe and at ease while unloading your vehicle. Our loading area accommodates vehicles up to a 40 ft container. Grab one of our easy-to-maneuver heavy-duty carts, load your items, enter your door access code, and our auto-door entryway slides open for easy access to the facility.  Inside the facility, you will find wide, well-lit hallways for easy navigation, and imported high-tensile steel materials used to construct your storage unit. Our facility is open 24/7 everyday even on holidays, and we do not charge for after-hour visits, nor require you to make any prior arrangement. Yes, swing by at 3 AM un-announced and Loc&Stor 24/7 Makati facility is ready for you.  We have a large, heavy duty freight elevator and even provide climate controlled units for your sensitive items like leather, artwork, photos, and antiques.  For our customers’ convenience we offer 7 different sizes up to over 20sqm floor area.  Our minimum rental period is only 1-month and we allow our customers to change size as their needs change.  We take all forms of payment and there is often a special promo for new renters.

Cutting-edge Security

Loc&Stor 24/7 takes Security and Fire Protection extremely seriously.  In fact, we are a lead contributor to the fire and safety committee of the Self-Storage Association of Asia. Our facilities have full sprinkler and smoke detection coverage, ample fire extinguishers and fire hoses, and all our staff are regularly trained in fire safety. Similarly, our security systems are unrivalled in the business with 24/7 top-notch security guards, full digital recorded CCTV coverage, the world-leading access control system, individually alarmed units, audio surveillance, and much more.  Our facilities are located inside a guarded, gated compound with ample parking slots that will leave you confident to leave your car unattended while visiting your storage unit. We even go the extra step to look after our clients and employees with first aid kits, automated external defibrillator, emergency breathing apparatus, and mandatory first aid training of all our staff. How do you know your unit is secure?… well, all units have their own access alarm that detect entry.  Only your PIN code entry will disarm the unit, and you can have multiple PIN codes (for your helpers or staff) to keep track of who has entered.  For every entry, you will receive an immediate email notifying you of access to your unit… a feature especially appreciated by our business clientele.  All our sites are backed up with gensets to keep all critical service and security features operating in the midst of power outages. Lastly each unit is self-locked by the storer, so only you can access your items. Our facility aims to give you peace of mind when you keep your valuable items with us.

Professional Service (i.e. we are OC)

By far, our biggest advantage is our attention to detail that ensures a fresh, clean, well maintained, and well-lit facility.  Our storers often tell us that we are an extension of their home and office.  We have a full-time cleaning staff, and employ a monthly pest control contract.  All our staff, from our sales associates to our security guards are trained to provide excellent customer service.  We take our storers’ feedback seriously and as a result have made numerous changes in our operating practices so to continually improve.  We also have partnered with several professional movers and packers to assist our storers move their items to and from the facility… just ask, it is simple and nearly seamless to get your stuff from home to your storage unit. We aim to make your visit to the facility as comfortable and welcoming every time, with a cozy reception area and access to coffee, mints and water for you and your staff.  Even our bathrooms are clean and always well-stocked!

We would love to show you what we mean by a World-Class Self-Storage Facility®.   Please call or email us to arrange for your visit at our Makati facility.   We guarantee you will be wowed!  Hurry and avail of our ongoing promo for a 3 month, 6 month and 12 month contracts.

We are at 7192A Urban Ave., Bgy Pio Del Pilar, Makati City.  And you can contact us at 810-9556, 0917-706-9362 or [email protected]

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