How to Properly Store Holiday Décor

Cleaning and organizing right after the holiday celebration is just as important as preparing for it. You’ve already spent money on your decorations, so might as well take care of it.

But before you shove your decorations into a box, make sure you clean them first. This is an important step to ensure the lifespan of your Christmas décor. Also, check for  broken decor, and determine whether they can still be repaired or whether they should be discarded. This way, you will not waste time packing and storing items that you will not use again. Here are more tips to help you properly store your Christmas decorations.

  1. Christmas Lights

            Avoid tangled up Christmas lights and make decorating next year easier by winding them up. You can use a wooden dowel, a  hanger, or even a paper towel core to wind up your Christmas lights. Store them in a box or container, and add silica gel to prevent moisture and help preserve the bulbs and wirings.

2. Nativity Set or Belen

            Because of its odd shape and sizes, a Nativity Set or Belen can be a bit tricky to store. What you can do is to use bubble wrap to cushion each piece of the set. Place heavy pieces at the bottom part of your storage box. You can also use packaging foam like packing peanuts to add cushion in between items. Add a fragile label to your box to help remind you to take extra care of these items.

3. Delicate Ornaments

            For Christmas tree ornaments, you can use egg cartons or plastic cups in a box to organize these. If you’ve saved its original box or packaging, you can use that as storage as well. For delicate ornaments, carefully wrap using bubble wrap. Segregate  your ornaments in several bins by color for easy access next year.

4. Wreaths

            Wreaths can be  easy to store since you don’t have to disassemble it, but at the same time difficult as you want to maintain its shape.  To store wreaths, you can keep it inside a hat box or any other appropriately-sized box. Make sure to lay it flat in the box to keep its shape. Another way is to place a zip tie around the wreath and make a loop at the top.  Use this loop to hang the wreath from the neck of a strong clothes hanger. Cover the wreath with an upside down trash bag, then hang in a storage unit.

5. Artificial Christmas Tree

            Artificial trees are probably the hardest to pack away. If you were not able to keep its original box or packaging, you can use a big trash bag to store your tree. Loosely wrap it with bubble wrap to cushion the tree’s branches and pines.

6. Garlands

            For garlands, one way to store it is to use paper towel core tubes. Simply wrap it around these paper tubes then gently and loosely cover it with bubble wrap so to protect the garland. Then keep them dry in a big plastic box.

Now, that your Christmas decor is safely packed up, utilize a self-storage facility to keep them dry and safe. Loc&Stor 24/7 provides cutting-edge security, convenience, ease and a professionally maintained and clean self-storage facility.  Aside from keeping your home clutter-free, storing your seasonal home décor in a self-storage unit is practical and can help preserve them well.

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