Quick Tips to Keep You Organized This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner! And as the holidays continue to inch in day by day, your schedule and to do lists might get overwhelming. But don’t let the busyness of the season steal away the joy of the celebration! Here are some quick tips to help you get ready and stay organized this holiday season.

  1. Store Gifts Away From Prying Eyes

It’s hard to store gifts in your home if kids, or even adults, have prying eyes. Don’t ruin the surprise and keep these gifts secret and safe in a self-storage unit.  You can even use your storage unit to temporarily store all your Christmas wrappers and tags to avoid clutter in your home. Arrange and organize your gifts in groups so you’ll know which ones to pick up when it’s time to finally give them away.

2. Schedule A Couple of Days to Declutter and Decorate

Write it down. By intentionally including decorating in your schedule, you’re helping your mind get cleared of what you need to do for the holidays. Set aside a day or two to declutter your home of some furniture or other stuff so you can have a dedicated space for your holiday décor (e.g. moving your side table to make way for your Christmas Tree).

You can temporarily store your home items and accessories in a self-storage unit to keep them safe and secure. This allows you to change the look of your home every holiday season.

3. Get Your Home Ready for Holiday Guests

Don’t let your guests sleep in a room where you store your luggage, old toys, or an unused treadmill. Declutter your guest room ahead of time and move unnecessary items from the room to a self-storage unit. This will help your guests feel more comfortable when they stay with you.

You can even make a welcome basket filled with some necessities like towels, toiletries and bedroom slippers to make your guests feel right at home. This will definitely get your entertaining skills to the next level and will make your guests feel truly special and loved.

4. Keep your Holiday Decorations’ Boxes and Containers in Storage

After you’ve unpacked your tree, trimmings, wreath, Belen, and all your Santa decorations, make sure to keep the boxes and containers. This will help you re-organize and put away your decorations easily when post-holiday comes.

But don’t just hide these boxes in your home. Instead of using valuable space in your home, you can opt for a convenient and safe self-storage unit to keep these boxes. You can even rent shelves to further organize these boxes. Self-storage units are a great way to keep seasonal home items organized, safe and dry.

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