3 Simple Ways How Loc&Stor 24/7 Can Help You With The Things That Don’t Spark Joy

Marie Kondo is taking the Netflix world by storm! Well, who wouldn’t be mesmerized? The way she declutters, organizes and keeps living spaces clean is simply refreshing! Lives are indeed changed with the simple magic of tidying up. And this is one of the reasons why many are diving right away into applying the KonMari method in their homes. But is the process really easy to do?

Piling up things, one category at a time, and deciding which ones to keep or not is actually the easy part. But what do you actually do with the things that you’ve decided not to keep? What are the practical ways that you can implement to help you get rid of the things that no longer spark joy?

In this article, we will be sharing with you three simple ways on how self-storage can help you get rid of the items that no longer spark joy.

  1. Loc&Stor24/7 provides temporary space for items that don’t spark joy.

Remove items that don’t spark joy from your home and keep them in a self-storage facility. This clears up space and declutters your home immediately. Loc&Stor 24/7 provides rental for as short as one-month so you have just enough time to sort your items and look for places where you can sell, donate or discard these.

  1. Loc&Stor 24/7 gives you space to sort and categorize.

There are three things that you can actually do with the items that don’t spark joy. You can either sell, donate or discard them. Renting a self-storage unit can help you sort and categorize these items away from your home. Loc&Stor 24/7 offers various storage unit sizes where you can temporarily organize these items into three sections so you can clearly identify which items you plan to sell, donate or discard.

  1. Loc&Stor 24/7 allows you to procrastinate on items that still have an emotional value.

Of course, you have to answer that lingering question of, “What if I would still need this item in the future?” For that reason, you can use a self-storage unit to temporarily store the items you don’t want to keep but can’t seem to let go of. Store these items away from your home for at least 1 month. If you don’t think of these items during that period, it simply means it’s time to let go.

Letting go of the things that we’ve decided not to keep is actually no easy task. Self-storage provides a temporary space solution so you can decide better on what to do with those items. Call Loc&Stor 24/7 today to find out more about how self-storage facilities can help give you space for your peace of mind – Pasig at (02) 570 2561, Urban Makati at (02) 810 9556, JP Rizal Makati at 0917 709 5390, or SLEX at 0917 709 5836.

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