Top 5 Things To Move and Store in a Self-Storage Unit

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Your house continues to evolve as the seasons of your lives change. And through these seasons, it is inevitable that you accumulate things along the way. This makes space an ever growing need for homeowners. But more than just decluttering, self-storage provides a great and alternative solution for your need of extra space, most especially for things that you seldom use.

Here are the top 5 things that you can move and store in a self-storage unit to make room for more space in your home.

Seasonal Home Décor

If you like decorating your home depending on the season or holiday, a self-storage unit is a great storage solution to consider. Now, you don’t have to keep boxes of décor in your bodega and risk damage from molds or moisture. Move and keep these items in a self-storage unit to keep them in tip-top condition. Loc&Stor 24/7 provides well-ventilated self-storage units so you can be sure that the items you store are kept safe and dry.

Luggage Bags

Unless you travel often, luggage bags can be tricky to store in the home. They’re big and take up so much space. They also gather dust fast because of their big surface area. So instead of keeping these under your bed, in your closet or guest bedroom, move and store these luggage bags in a self-storage unit and free up valuable space at home.

Sporting Equipment

Do you have golf clubs, scuba gear, kayaks and other bulky sporting equipment lying around in your garage? You can move these into a self-storage facility. Loc&Stor 24/7 offers a variety of self-storage unit sizes so you can choose how much space you will be needing for keeping your things. What’s also great is that you can securely access your storage unit anytime and any day without extra charges. So when you have a 7AM golf game and would need to pick up your gear very early in the morning, you can do so without hassle.

Costumes, Winter Wear and Formal Wear

Free up space in your wardrobe by moving seldom-used formal wear, bulky winter wear and costumes in a self-storage unit. You can use a clothes rack and shelves to organize clothes and accessories by season or category.

Baby Gear and Furniture

Cribs, strollers, walkers, jumpers, high-chairs, play pens, small tables and chairs and other baby gear can take up so much space in the house. If you are expanding the family and plan to use these items again, it would be better to move these temporarily into a self-storage facility.

Maximize the space that you have at home by moving and keeping your seldom-used items in a self-storage facility. When you’ve done that, you can reclaim these areas in your home and transform it into a more functional space like a home office, a new nursery, a craft room or a reading nook.

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