Philippine Daily Inquirer: If you could use some extra space, self-storage is for you

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Most Filipinos are pack rats. They hold on to stuff, unable or unwilling to let go, and let clutter take over their homes.

In fact, a typical Filipino household resembles a bodega, bursting at the seams not only with things that you need but also with tins you’re better off consigning to the dustbin– from broken old lampshades, ovens and toasters that no longer work, to dog-eared books and documents and a cache of precious memorabilia.

If you are averse to disposing so much clutter or simply petrified by this huge task, you will be glad to know that there is a new concept called ‘self-storage’, wherein storage spaces or units are rented out to residential customers or to small-to-medium business owners who could use extra space.

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