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1. What are the sizes of the storage units?

We have seven different sizes.  Note that comparative sizes are only approximations.  We highly recommend that you visit our facility to view the units and determine which one fits your needs.

2. Are these the only sizes available?

We have other sizes available within this range, please call our sales office for more information. 

3. What if I need a larger size?

Depending on your need and time commitment, and available space in the facility, we can modify a unit to meet your requirement.  Or you can rent more than one unit to gain the larger space you need… and note that sometimes this is preferred as it allows for easier access to your goods.  Imagine trying to retrieve stocks that are 3-4 meters behind rows of your inventory. With a few smaller units, your distance to your furthest item is nearer.  

4. Why do you state square meter instead of cubic meter in measuring and pricing storage unit size? 

Cubic meter is the standard in warehousing and logistics where customers stack items over ten meters high using special racks and lifting devices to retrieve their items.  Hence in the warehousing business, volume (cbm) is an important and relevant measurement.

At Loc&Stor 24/7, we serve residential customers and small/medium sized business owners who do not have, nor want this special equipment, and instead want the ease of access that self-storage provides.

Our customers require sufficient height to stack and retrieve their items without special equipment… ok, maybe a step ladder is occasionally used.

5. How do you compare Loc&Stor’s quoted floor area (sqm) with volume (cbm)? 

Most self-storage operators provide units with a height between 2.5 and 3.0 meters.  If for example you are comparing a facility with 3 meter high units, you may simply divide their stated cubic meter (cbm) by 3 to get the floor area we use (sqm). 

For example, to convert 25 cbm to sqm:

  25 cbm has a floor area of 25 / 3 = 8.3 sqm.

   30 cbm has a floor area of 30 / 3 = 10 sqm, etc… 

Now you can compare cbm to sqm.  Hope that helps :-)

But if all this math gives you a headache, give us a call or come by, and we can calculate it for you.

6. How high are the storage units?

We designed our storage for ease of use… that is, you shouldn’t have to climb a big ladder to reach your items.

Our lockers are 1.23m (4ft) high.  And our storage units’ usable height is at least 2.5m (8.2ft)…this leaves sufficient space above stored items so that our fire protection system can have adequate coverage.

7. What is the maximum weight that can be stored in the storage units?

For every square meter of floor area, the maximum load is 400kg (880 lbs). That is equivalent to more than three (3) large American refrigerators stacked on top of each other or 20 large sacks of rice stacked in a square meter.

This is something to consider when looking at self-storage providers.  Note that a typical office building is only capable of slightly more than 50% of this value.  

8. What is the maximum size that can fit through the facility?

Our ground floor units are best for heavy and larger items as long as it can fit through our hallways.

We have some of the widest hallways in the business: 140 cm W

 If your storage unit is on the upper floors, we do have two elevators to simplify your move in. Please note dimensions of our elevator:

Pasig: Elevator 1: 193 cm W x 180 cm D x 240 cm H    

Door opening: 145 cm W x  213 cm  H

           Elevator 2: 140 cm W x 205 cm D x 230 cm H    

Door opening: 130 cm W x 210 cm H

Makati: Elevator: 193 cm W x 216 cm D x 292cm H       

Door opening: 150 cm W x  210 cm  H 

9. What is a climate controlled unit?

Our climate controlled self-storage area is insulated and air-conditioned to manage moisture in the air. This means we manage the relative humidity (RH) to a level that will significantly reduce the possibility of mold and mildew growth (RH less than 60% according to US EPA). There is no perfect way to prevent mold/mildew growth, but RH control is the most recommended. Also note that the area will not be as cold as a typical office since our objective is to manage RH and not temperature, thus it will be cool, but not cold.

10. Are your storage units dust-proof?

We work hard to maintain a world-class self-storage facility. We employ full-time maintenance staff to ensure the facility is always clean and well-maintained. But just like in our homes, which we regularly clean, our facility is not dust-free and an unattended storage unit will eventually accumulate dust.

11. What is the rental period?

Sign up for as short as 1 month to as long as 18 months. 

12. What happens at the end of the rental period?

Your agreement will automatically extend month-to-month at the then current rate.

13. What if I am ready to move out?

Let us know at least 14 days from the date that you want to move out, so that we have enough time to market your unit and process the move out in the system.   You will also need to surrender your removable car pass before we give back the security deposit.

14.  Can I terminate my contract early?

We made our rental terms flexible enough to accommodate short-term and long-term storage requirements. If you will leave prior to end of your initial contract period you will forfeit the paid storage fee. We encourage our tenants to sign up only for the months they think they will be needing the storage and renew their contract should they decide to rent for longer period. 

15. What if I want to make changes to the contract at sign-up?

We use a standard self-storage contract that is used throughout the Asia Pacific region. This agreement is tried and tested, and should suit nearly every renter’s situation. If however you seek a modification to the agreement, we can consider such, but please understand that we will need to increase the Administration Fee to offset our added costs (legal) and management review time. For changes to the contract we usually charge a minimum admin fee of P1,500 plus any significant legal fees that we incur if we need to involve attorney(s).

16. What items are prohibited to be stored?

Prohibited items include hazardous materials ( toxic chemicals, chemical waste, vehicle tires), noxious substances that have strong odors, flammable items, explosives and ammunition, food and other perishable items, corrosive items (acidic, caustic items), items that are mold or mildew infested, illegal items (illegal drugs, counterfeit products), animals or any living thing, and any other goods that are risk to person, property and to life.

In general, most liquids are prohibited in the storage facility, a written permission is required.

Use of any equipment that requires plugging into the facility’s electrical outlets needs a written permission from Loc&Stor management. This is in line with our fire safety procedure.

17.  Can I reserve a unit?

Yes, you may reserve a unit for five (5) days at no cost

18. Can I view the units and facility?

We encourage all potential customers to visit our facility in order to determine the right size unit for their needs, and to see the security features in place.

Our facility is open 24/7, so you can come any time after office hours or on a holiday.

However, payments, contract signing, addition or transfer of unit, refund of security deposit and PIN change are accommodated during regular office hours 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Saturday except on certain public holidays.

You may also make an appointment by contacting us at

Pasig: 633 9239 / 570 2561, 0916 567 3004 (Globe), 09989689746 (Smart) 

Makati: 810 9556, 0917 567 7069362 (Globe), 0919 9126800 (Smart)  

or email us at to book a time to visit the site.

19.  Can I really access my storage unit 24/7, even on holidays?  What do I need to access the facility at off hours?

Yes you can, as many times as needed with no appointment necessary and at no extra fee.

Pasig: You can enter the compound 24/7 at Gate 1, located near PLDT.  Gate 2, located on Joe Borris St, is for daytime access only.

 To facilitate entry to the compound, remember to use your removable car pass. 

 To enter the facility, remember your PIN code.

Makati: To facilitate entry to the compound, remember to use your removable car pass. 

To enter the facility, remember your PIN code. 

20.  Can the facility accommodate large trucks?

Pasig: Our loading bay can accommodate up to a 40’ container van.

For 6 wheelers and bigger trucks, please use gate 1.

Makati: Our loading bay can accommodate up to a 40’ container van, but we require at least a week’s notice.

Also note that special permits will be required by Makati city hall to bring in a container van which will be the responsibility of the storer.

21.  Do I have to bring my own padlock?

Pasig: Yes, this ensures that only you have access to your unit. 

We do sell padlocks on site, during office hours, Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm, if you need one.

Makati: Our Makati facility uses a special cylinder lock that is more secure and more economical than a regular padlock.

A one time lock fee is charged at the time of contract signing. 

22. What are the available payment methods?

Payment is registered in our system when the following occurs:

Bank deposit – when deposit slip is scanned and sent / emailed to Loc&Stor.

Check – when check is cleared by the bank.  This may take up to 3 banking days.

Credit Card - when transaction is approved

Cash – when paid at the office

Online / Mobile banking – when screenshot of successful fund transfer is sent/ emailed to Loc&Stor

For your convenience, we also offer auto payment by credit card on a monthly basis.

Please note that bank charges for transfers are to be shouldered by the storer.

23.  What happens if my payment is late?

Payment is due on the first day of the rental cycle.  I.e.  If your rental period is from May 10 to August 10, then payment is due on May 10, then again on June 10, etc.…

We will send out our invoice 14 days before due date.

On the 5th day from due date – no PIN code access to facility and unit is /are overlocked

On the 10th day from due date – a 3% late fee of total monthly rental fee is charged every 10 days until paid

On the 42nd day from due date – we will put your unit in the auction list– we really do not want to do this!

24.  What other services do you offer?

We have a list of recommended movers and packers who will give our customers special rates. Click here for list of our recommended packers and movers. 

We also sell boxes, plastic containers, and other packing materials to help you move in to your unit.  And we also rent out shelves that you can use to organize your storage unit.

When you move in you have free use of our trolleys, palette jacks and ladders.

25.Where are Loc&Stor 24/7 facilities located?

Pasig: 54 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (C5) Bagong Ilog, Pasig City - Click here for map and directions

Makati: 7192A Urban Ave. Brgy. Pio del Pilar, Makati City - Click here for map and directions

26. What do I need to bring to sign a contract and move in to my unit?

  • One government issued ID
  • Your own padlock
  • Settle initial payment

27. As a company representative, what do I need to bring to sign a contract.

Company representatives need to produce a Secretary certificate stating they are authorized to enter into a storage agreement for their company. We can provide the template for the Secretary Certificate.