1. Be OC

#1 rule in packing. Labeling your boxes will save you valuable time when retrieving items in the future. Nothing fancy, use a big black marker to label the content. You will be glad you did it later.

3. Over-Stuff

Over stuffing a box can make it too heavy, damage your belongings, and cause box to bulge making it unstable when stacked. Chill out and get another box when the last is comfortably full.

5. Small is beautiful

Most large furnishings can be dis-assembled for easy and compact storage. You will save money on your storage and you can easily wrap-up or crate the sensitive and fragile parts like the mattress and the glass table top.

7. Tape it

Good tape is essential. If it sticks well, you don’t need to over do it. While you’re at it, get a good dispenser from us, it will save you a lot of time and you will likely want it for home. Simply press, roll, and twist tear; it is so simple!

2. It’s not Trash Be

Trash bags are bad storage containers – they deteriorate, fall apart, tear, get crushed, and do not breathe, leading to possible mold and mildew. Stick with what the pros use… cardboard boxes.

4. Size Matters

Use smaller boxes for heavier and/or more fragile items. Leave the big boxes for bulky items like pillows, bedding, and large toys. Smaller boxes are more versatile and easier to handle.

6. Stack it right

No box heavier than you can comfortably lift. Don’t over-stuff, keep boxes square. And mark “This Side Up”, if items are sensitive to tipping.

8. We all have our hang-ups

Would you pile your good clothes at home? Why do it in storage? Consider using a standing wardrobe box. Your clothes will be ready to wear when retrieved from storage.


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