Use labels to help you remember what’s in your boxes, or how to care for items that are prone to damage. Use adhesive labels, write on packaging tape, or put instructions or contents with thick markers directly on your packages. Don’t forget to make sure your labels are visible and easy to spot! (We have markers and box labels just perfect for this!)


A lot of big furniture items can be knocked down or taken apart for better storing. You will be able to fit more stuff into your storage space. You can also pack the more fragile items––like glass tabletops or shelves––separately and protect them better. If you intend to deconstruct your items in your storage unit, don’t forget to bring tools to help you do this. Collapsing big, bulky item also allows you to transport them easier.


What can we help you with? As a good neighbor, you are welcome to borrow our moving equipment and ladders while at our facility. To get your stuff from your vehicles to your unit our heavy-duty trolleys and pallet jacks are at your service. You can also use our ladder and step stool to help organize your space. Our staff is also ready to be of service and to answer any questions you might have. Drop by the office and say “Hi!”


Don’t just stuff your stuff into your units. Make sure you can get to the stuff in the back by making paths that reach there. The last thing you want to do when you need something is climb over boxes and bags and other things to get that one thing. This is especially a problem with large units. Organize the space and create sections with corridors in between. That way, you can get to your stuff quickly and with very little hassle.


PROTECT YOUR VALUED STUFF EXTRA BETTER with drop cloths and palettes!  Dust is always in the air, and if we do not regularly dust items like in your home, dust will still settle on your stuff.  But, you can actually keep it off your things by covering up your boxes and items with plastic drop cloths. Want even better protection? Elevate your things off the floor with palletes. A little bit of extra TLC goes a long way in keeping your precious items better protected. (Ask about the drop cloths and palettes we have for sale. Or, you can rent palettes from our office.)


Use smaller boxes for heavier or more fragile items. That makes them easier to handle and stack and keeps the breakables from bumping into other items in the same box. Leave the big boxes for bulkier but lighter items like pillows, bedding, and large toys––it’s hard to move huge boxes when they’re heavy. Remember also not to scrimp on boxes to the point that you overstuff. Overstuffing can damage your stuff and make your boxes hard to stack. Just get another box and your stuff will love you for it! (We sell document boxes and 20x20x20 balikbayan boxes.)


You can keep moisture and damp at bay easily! How? With a desiccant like silica gel or other dehumidifiers. Simply spread those little packets in your boxes, containers, and bags or place dehumidifiers on your shelves and they’ll not only prevent moisture from building up on your stuff, they’ll also inhibit odors. Don’t forget to replace them regularly as they will eventually fill up with moisture. (Interested? We sell silica gel packs perfect for keeping moisture away!)


Have a lot of stuff to store? If we don’t have the size you need when you need it, consider getting two smaller units. Aside from giving you the space you’ll need, two units might help you organize your stuff better. Pack similar items in each unit and you’ll have an easier time finding them when you need them.


Forcing items into containers beyond their capacity won’t work in your favor. In fact, you will most likely damage your precious belongings! If you have to sit on your box to close it, or grunt when you tape it up, you’ve overstuffed! Pack your boxes and containers snugly, but make sure they don’t bulge––on any of the sides. Overstuffed boxes don’t protect the items inside. They don’t stack well and can topple over and damage your items. Just get another box, or a bigger one. (Check out the boxes we have available.)


DO YOU WANT TO MAKE YOUR STORAGE LIFE SO MUCH EASIER? It just takes a bit of more your time, but the rewards are great! Good organization makes life much easier. Grouping and labeling your items and storing them in containers make them easier to find. Using magazine racks or shelves to organize files, documents, books, and even photo albums keep them safe and guarantee you have easy acess to them when you need them. Then, maximize your unit’s space by storing upward: on shelves. The air up there is precious real estate! You’ll be amazed how much more you can store! (We have boxes and shelves in all sizes for sale, and even shelves for rent!)