Guide to Self Storage

Step 1: Determine your unit type.

Standard Climate or Climate-controlled Units

We offer standard ambient or climate-controlled (AC) self-storage units to address the needs of your stored possessions. Standard climate units are economical options that are not air-conditioned but still receive filtered forced air ventilation for circulation. Climate controlled units are air-conditioned and are a desirable option if you are storing possessions that are heat and/or humidity sensitive. You can read more about our storage unit types here and see what will work for you.


Step 2: Determine your unit size.

Need a closet or a unit as big as a parking space?

There are nine different sizes to fit your storage and warehousing needs, for as low as Php 899 a month. Refer to our different sizes to determine if you need a locker-sized unit or one large enough for a van or container!


Step 3: Determine insurance.

We offer a cost-competitive and comprehensive insurance plan.

As an added protection, Loc&Stor 24/7 requires that all renters insure their stored items. For your convenience, we offer a comprehensive insurance plan, designed for self-storage, that is managed by a reputable local insurer, Paramount Life & General Insurance Corporation. In the event of loss or damage, insurance will help protect you and compensate you to limit loss. In addition to the security and safety measures we take to provide a worldclass storage facility, an insurance scheme is the final piece of protection that provides you with the confidence to “sleep at night” knowing you have done everything necessary to protect your stored possessions!


Step 4: Sign up today! 

Sign up today or reserve for 3 days!

You can reserve a unit through our online reservation system at our website. Your unit will be reserved for 3 days at no cost. 


Reserve Now

STEP 5: Pack and move in!

We can recommend professional packers and movers for you.

If you are not a do-it-yourself type, we can assist in the arrangement of a professional packer and mover. Click here for the list of our recommended packers and movers.

Whether you or your professional movers do the packing, we recommend having a look at our convenient Packing Tips guide.