Quick Tips to Keep You Organized This Christmas


Quick Tips to Keep You Organized This Christmas


Christmas is just around the corner! And as the holidays continue to inch in day by day, your schedule and to do lists might get overwhelming. But don’t let the busyness of the season steal away the joy of the celebration! Here are some quick tips to help you get ready and stay organized this holiday season.


How to Properly Store Holiday Décor

How to Properly Store Holiday Décor


Cleaning and organizing right after the holiday celebration is just as important as preparing for it. You’ve already spent money on your decorations, so might as well take care of it.


Art & Antiques

Consult with art or antique dealers on the best way to store your favorite pieces.

Cover Up

No building is dust-free, so it’s helpful to cover your items to protect them from dust. Use plastic covers or linen sheets.

Controlled Units

Use climate-controlled units for items sensitive to humidity.

Say No to Moisture

Use silica gel packets in your boxes to absorb moisture from the air and discourage growth of mold and mildew.


Use pallets to elevate items for added protection.

Don't Get Lost!

Make a map of your storage unit so you never forget where you placed your favourite items!

Be Insured

Have an extra layer of protection with insurance for your items! Buy your own or take our comprehensive plan that’s managed by a reputable local insurer.

Label Like a Pro

Mark boxes containing breakables with Fragile and This Side up, to communicate proper handling. Make sure your labels are easily seen and not hidden from view.