Cutting-Edge Security



Professional Security at Compound and Facility

Professional security for your self-storage confidence.

We employ professional security guards from a leading security agency to ensure safety and security at the Loc&Stor 24/7 facility. We want you to feel comfortable visiting your self-storage unit at any time, so our security guards are here around-the-clock.

Multi Layered Security

Complex Multi-layered Security

World’s #1 access control for self-storage and highest quality materials.

Our multi-layered security systems support our professional guards. We use the world’s #1 access control system for self-storage. User defined PIN(s) for one or more users on your account ensure privacy. You can change or delete users and codes as often as you prefer. Your PIN arms and disarms your unit’s alarm and all access is electronically logged. 

The system will even send an e-mail to you whenever your self-storage unit has been opened.

High tensile steel storage units and the best lock latches in the business keep your possessions secure. Remember to bring your own lock that will allow only you to enter your self-storage unit.

Comprehensive CCTV Coverage

We keep a close eye on your storage.

Loc&Stor 24/7 utilizes high-definition Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) cameras with night vision to monitor all activity on-site and on the compound. We monitor the CCTV in our sales center, at the security guard desk, and even remotely from our hand-phones. All CCTV images are recorded on high capacity storage for playback when needed.

Smoke and Fire Alarm System

Installed with Smoke and Fire Alarm System

Smoke detectors and sprinkler systems are installed for your peace of mind.

Smoke detectors and sprinkler systems are installed throughout the entire Loc&Stor 24/7 facility to help protect your stored possessions in the event of a fire. Our open-top design is considered the most effective design for fire protection as it allows for sprinkler systems and fire-fighting personnel to quickly access and contain a possible fire threat. In fact, open-top self-storage design is the standard for fire code across Asia.

Back-up Power Generator

Power outage, no problem.

Our lighting and entire security system is supported by power backup systems (UPS and Genset) to ensure no security outage. That means our security and safety systems remain active 24/7, 365!


Keeping your possession dry - even when much of Manila might not be.

A flood-free history is our first criteria for choosing our locations. In fact, our Pasig site has been flood-free for more than twenty years, even during Typhoon Ondoy! So, the next time that the wind and rain are pounding your windows, rest assured that your stored goods will be safe and dry.