Who Uses Self-Storage?



Putting items into self-storage de-clutters, frees space, and allows you to stay organized. With residential and office space at a premium, self-storage helps you to keep your home or work space clean, attractive, and spacious. And, who wouldn’t want that? Use Loc&Stor 24/7 self-storage for business, residence, or personal belongings.

Residential Self Storage

Residential Self-storage for Everyday, for Transitions, Hobby Collections, Sports Equipment and More 

Too many things getting in your way? Make the house feel spacious again!

Is your house being renovated or downsized? Perhaps a new baby is arriving soon or relatives are moving in? Do you have a “bodega” for your extra stuff that incurs costs but provides no security or fire protection and/or could be at flood risk? These and other household events are better managed with Loc&Stor 24/7. Residential customers use self-storage to keep their homes clutter-free, to free up space, and for convenience when temporary circumstances arise such as hosting balikbayans for a month or more. We offer a wide range of storage units that can accommodate a few boxes up to an entire house. Whether it’s for seasonal clothing or a house full of furnishings, we’ve got your extra space!

Disco ball, scuba-diving equipment, seasonal items and decorations–even wine collections! 

Loc&Stor 24/7 has a range of storage sizes and flexible contracts to help individuals manage possessions. Perhaps you rent a small studio, reside with relatives, or simply need room for hobby collectibles? Self-storage gives you your own space. Many individuals use self-storage for personal possessions that they don’t use on a daily basis. It’s also great for arts & crafts projects and supplies!

Business Self Storage

Business Self-Storage for Inventory, Stock, Supplies, and Documents

Managing a business is affordable and efficient with self-storage 

Does your business need more inventory space or a place for document archives? You can count on Loc&Stor 24/7 for a convenient, secure, and flood-free storage area to help improve space utilization and productivity at your place of business. Small to medium-sized businesses use self-storage to make better and more productive use of their office space while having inventory, supplies, or documents conveniently and securely off-site. We offer a wide range of storage units that can accommodate boxes of documents to an entire inventory of retail goods, equipment, or supplies.